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Welcome to website of our kennel, which is dedicated to the breed of GORDON SETTER.

FCI kennel Pearl Moravia was established in 2011. We aim to breed gordon setters, who carry high hunting qualities above all. We also aim to breed healthy and good looking setters. Our family is into hunting for long time, that is the reason, why our dogs are used in hunting practice.

How did we come across the gordon setter?

When our daughters began to ask us questions about having a big dog, we were hesitating a lot. We knew it will be us, who will be at the end taking care of the dog. But we both are huge animal lovers and nature fans in general, my husband is a hunter for many years. We came up with a salvation idea to purchase a hunting dog. We started to search for a breed that would fit to all members of our family.
And it was done. Our choice was wonderful, noble, nice....and we could go on and on, simply Gordon setter. We had to wait for our puppy for more than one year but 25th Januray 2009 we brought home our long awaited gordon setter girl. Her name was Cinderella Carolain from kennel Áres Šamarkan (Cindarella). Proud, beautiful and sweet. In the end we had to acknowledge that it is not suitable to call "Aport, Cindarella" on huts, so we decided to call her Cindy.

gordonsetr Ashley
Cinderella Carolain Áres Šamarkan

Our Cindy is the most amazing gordon setter girl and more importantly - she is also ambassador of our kennel. She has wonderful, calm and nice character, nice exterior and hunting gift. She was given title Czech Champion on 26th May 2012.

Jana Vajdíková
V Uličce 305, Jarošov
Uherské Hradiště, CZ
+420 733 761 328

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