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Puppies still available in kennel Sanybell.
In case of interest, please contact the breeder Petr Vávra by e-mail:

29.9.2019 - 2 years without Ashley
There hasn't passed a day when I did not ask the question: "WHY!?"
Please, look after all your children from above, as well as your grandchildren and other generations carrying your blood and all, who I love so much.
You were so special my beloved Ashley.

14.9.2019 - Regional show Pezinok
Judge: Vilmos Kardos (HU) and Suncica Lazic (RS)
Colombo Scott - baby class - VP1, The best baby - 2nd place (BIS 2)!!!!!!
The very first show of our little Colombo and again great result!
Thank you and congratulation to his owners!

14.9.2019 - First hunt of ducks
Our very first duck hunt at Míkovice. Beautiful sunny day and Beitris kicked her socks off! I am very proud of her. We also took Carrie with us to get used to the shootings. Although she was scared in the begining from the noise, we let her go for a while with her mum and she began to relax and ignore the shootings in a while.

7.9.2019 - National Dog show Florcanis Olomouc
Judge: Simon Oliver (HR)
Carrie April Pearl Moravia - baby class - VP1
Beitris Pearl Moravia - working class - Exc.1, CAC

Today Beitrí became CZECH CHAMPION!
Many thanks to the judge for his critique and to Jarmilka Viktoříkova for her help and company. Also "our" Cloe April - Axa came to chack as at the show and crossed her fingers for us. Later the girls had a party! Thank you!

Carrie | Beitris | Holky

31.8.2019 - Litter A was born in kennel Sanybell
Our breeding Blaire Pearl Moravia gave birth to 10 puppies - 6 girls and 4 boys. I had a chance to be present during her delivery and help these little sweeties to come into this world.
As the very first a lovely girl was born and I was chiven a chance to name her. As she is carrying marks of her grandmother, I gave her the name Ashley.
All the best to the babies during their life!

10.8.2019 - Specialty show MSKAO Zákupy u České Lípy
Judge: Nastasja Vatter (DE)
Calum Scott - baby cl. - VP1
Carrie April - baby cl. - VP1, The best baby in show (BIS 1) !!!!!!!
Cassie April - tbaby cl. - VP2
Beitris - working cl. - VG2

Wonderful day in a great company. Our little "C's" had their great show premier - all got fantastic critiques and Bei was only criticised for her ribcage....well it will not get better.
Many thanks to Marcela & Aleš and the handlers!

Beitris | Calum, Carrie and Cassie | Carrie BIS

Carrie and Cassie | Carrie | BIS baby Zákupy

6.8.2019 - A litter Pearl Moravia celebrates 7th birthday!
All the best and good health!
Asthon - Archie - Atrei - Aileen - Angel - Aimee - Abbey - Angie - Annie - Alison
Aaronek and Ashley, who are over the rainbow bridge, will never be forgotten.

August 2019 - We visited our sire and grandsire Zir z Holubické stráně
We visited Olinka and her pack and had to make a family photo!
From the left: Zir z Holubické stráně, his daughter Beitris and grandchild Carrie April.

2.8.2019 - We are introducing the new addition to our kennel Pearl Moravia
"Carrie April Pearl Moravia"

2.8.2019 - Litter C and photos from their new homes

Caramba | Caramba | Caramella | Carolain & Bronnen | Carolain

Carrie | Cassie & Calum | Cassie & Calum Cassie & Calum

Cloe | Cloe | Colombo | Colombo


29.7.2019 - Expected litter A in kennel Sannybell
We are thrilled to announce that our breeding Blaire Pearl Moravia is going to have puppies in kennel Sannybell. Sire of the litter is beautiful polish male Passion Fild PAY NO MIND, who is imported from Russia. We expect puppies of great extrior, superb hunting skills, healthy and with great character.
In case you are interested in a puppy, please contact the breeder Petr Vávra (city Chropyne), tel: +420 724 081 669

Passion Fild PAY NO MIND & Blaire Pearl Moravia

22.6.2019 - Intercanis Brno
Judge: Hana Ahrens (A)
Brodey Pearl Moravia: Champion cl. - Exc.1, CAC
Brodey is now fully qualified for the title Grand Champion CZ!
!!!!! YUPEEEEE !!!!!!
The first offspring by Ashley and Zir became Grand Champion!
Huge congratulations to Brodey and his owner Anetka. We are over they moon and very proud.

1.6.2019 - Club show MSKAO Náměšť na Hané
Judge: MVDr. Čestmír Šrámek CSc.
Blaire Pearl Moravia: Winners class - Exc.1, CAC
Congratulations to our beauty and her owner!

1.6.2019 - The time has come...
Our children are leaving to their new homes.
Wish to all of them happy long lifes. Make your owners happy! We hope we did find the best homes for you.


Callum Scott - Mr. Bláha, Babice u Rosic (CZ)
Colombo Scott - Mr. Kotman, Gáň (SK)
Cassie April - Mrs. Kopuletá, Babice u Rosic (CZ)
Connie April - Mr. Prokosch, Klatovy (CZ)
Cloe April - Mr. Petráš, Pňovice, (CZ) - kennel z Pňovských luhů
Carolain April - Mr. Hořejší, Dobronice (CZ)
Caramella April - Mr. Haleš, Borský Sv. Júr (SK)
Caramba April - Mrs. Hůlková, Dřevěnice (CZ)
Carrie April - stays in our kennel - Pearl Moravia

Callum Scott | Caramella | Carolain | Carrie

Cassie | Cloe | Colombo

19.5.2019 - Our puppies at the age of 1,5 month

18.5.2019 - IDS Litoměřice
Judge: Ovesná Božena, Mgr.
Brodey Pearl Moravia, champion cl. Exc.1, CAC, CACIB

4.5.2019 - XXII. Club show MSKAO Slavkov u Brna
Judge: Bettina Smith - Horn (D)
Brodey Pearl Moravia, winners cl.: Exc.4/4
Blaire Pearl Moravia, working cl. - Exc.2/4, res.CAC

Again children of Ashley and Zir prooved they are great working and show dogs. I am very proud of the results and I congratulate to their owners and thank them for their care and such a lovely presentation.



The BIS winner of the whole show was aunt to our litter C - Blackened Kochanej Emilki (Bialaska) owned by Mariola Sklorz. Congratulations!!!!

1.5.2019 - Litter C is 1 month old.
Puppies are doing very well. Mum Beitri is taking very good care of them and puppies start to show their personalities. I am very satisfied with this litter as a breeder.
One boy and one girl are still available for booking.

1.5.2019 - Regional dog show Kelč
Judge: Magdalena Musial (PL)
Blaire Pearl Moravia: working cl. - Exc.1, Class Winner, Regional Winner
!! Regional Winner BITCH FCI VII !!

Congratulations, we are very proud. Our children have grown into beauty!

20.4.2019 - Prague Expo Dog
Judge: Petr Buba
Brodey Pearl Moravia: champion cl. - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG V
Huge congratulations to owner Anetka...we are very proud and thank you for your great care and presentation.

1.4.2019 Litter C was born!
Beitris gave birth to 9 puppies - 7 beautiful girls and 2 strong boys. Puppies and their mum are healthy and doing very well and we are over the moon...
One boy and one girl are still available for booking.
Puppies will be ready to leave to their new homes after 1st June 2019.
In case of interest, do not hesitate to contact us, you are also welcome to visit us.

27.2.2019 Pregnancy confirmed! Contact us to book a puppy from the litter.
Each litter in our kennel is a bit unique and so is the litter C. Our Beitris will be mother for the very first time. She is a daughter of our beloved Ashley, who left us unexpectedly. Beitri's father Zir z Holubické stráně, who is the most successful Gordon Setter in our country, will become a grandsire. We hope all will go smoothly and at the begining of April we will wellcome little Moravian Pearls.

2.- 3.2.2019 - DUO CACIB BRNO
2.2.2019, judge: Peter F. Berchtold
Blaire Pearl Moravia „Bell“: working class - Exc.1/2, CAC, res. CACIB

Blaire is now Czech Champion.

3.2.2019, judge: Alenka Pokorn
Blaire Pearl Moravia „Bell“: working class - Exc.2/2, res. CAC

Congratulations and thank you to Blaire's owner Peter for the great presentation.
Also to Anetka Nedavaškova and Eliška Kubínová for professional handling.

1.-2. 2. 2019 - Beitris was mated.
The sire of our litter "C" will be beautiful and successful dog Celtic Frost Kochanej Emilky.
More info at „Puppies

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