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Pearl Moravia - o nás a našich gordonsetrechNovinky 2012

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This year was the most wonderful for our kennel. In May Cindy ended her show career and became Czech Champion. Right after her last show in Litoměřice she was on heat and we went to Slovakia for wedding with Atrei z Tomanikových vrškov. All went well and on 6th August Cindy gave birth to 12 puppies - 8 girls and 4 boys. All were healthy and growing up well. Cindy was very careful mother. We found great homes for 11 puppies and we are in constant contact with most of them.

gordonsetr vrh A

We choosed Ashley to stay in our kennel. She bewitched us by her fabulous character.

Boy Archie also stayed in our family, his owner is Ivo Korvas and we have him in co-ownership.

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