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Pearl Moravia - o nás a našich gordonsetrechNovinky 2014

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We did a lot of hunting test this year with Ashley and Archie. After proper training we began with tests for pointing dogs. The very first was autumn test, which we finished in 1st merit, followed by water tests - again both in 1st merit. Week after both passed forest tests in 1st merit. Our last test was the most difficult - allround tests for pointing dogs. We knew we need a lot of luck and good mood for our dogs. The tests took two days. One day disciplines are done in forest and the other day in field and water. Disciplines in forest were done very well by both Ashley and Archie. Second day was spent in field and water and both began well. Ashley hesitated a bit to go in deep water and that send us in 2nd merit. Archie was still keeping up the good work. The last discipline was field, where group hunt is being tested as well as solo searching. Ashley passed without even one mistake, unfortunately Archie didn't resist a young deer and decided to chase. He was given a second chance but his nature was stronger. He got 0 points from obedience and didn't pass. That is how our working test season ended for this year.

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We participated at only two shows this year. First was IDS in Ceske Budejovice in April, where both Ashley and Archie got Exc.1st, CAC and resCACIB.

The second show was Club show MSKAO in May. Ashley took Exc. 2nd with resCAC, Archie was very good and Atrei, who came down from Poland, was Exc. 4th. Also their mother Cindy was entered to champion class, where she took Exc.3rd.

The year was very successful for us, especially with the results from hunting tests. Getting CAC in Budejovice was also important for us, as both began their jurney towards Czech Champion.

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