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Up-to-date photos are being added here:

Autumn 2016 - Cindy, Ashley and Beitris

5.11.2016 - Hunts are here

4.11.2016 - First training in field
Today we made a trip with Beitris, her sister Blaire and her owner Petr to Bystřice pod Hostýnem to visit trainer Milan Naď. Both girls proved theit hunting talent and worked fine well for their age. Both got a taste of holding a pheasant and both did well. We are looking forward to another training. Me and Beitris are already training holding of a fetch (dumbbell) and I have to say she is very clever and quick in the uptake.

(judge: Saturday - Austin Long-Doyle, Ireland; Sunday - Baker Richard, Australia)
Ashley Princess Pearl Moravia - champion cl. - 2x Exc.1, 2x CAC, 2x res.CACIB
Beitris Pearl Moravia - puppy cl. - 2x VP1
Brodey Pearl Moravia - puppy cl. - VP1/2 (only on Saturday)
Bryson Zir Pearl Moravia - puppy cl. - P2/2 (only on Saturday)
Unfortunately Bryson didn't show his teeth, but he got nice critique anyway.

This was another show with a special meaning to me as on Saturday we entered breeding group in the main ring. We entrusted all of our four gordons to young handlers, who handled them professionally. Girls, thank you very much :-)
I was also happy that Ashley got 4th CAC in champion class on Saturday and became Czech Grand Champion. By this act Ashley is now retired from international and national shows and we will enter her at club shows only. As I promised her, she will now enjoy the great setter life on hunts and walks, which she loves the most :-) Ashley is my once in a lifetime dog and I know there will never be another like her. I hope her health will be fine and she will be with me for many years :-)

 Breeding group


Beitris and Brodey


8.10.2016 - International dog show České Budějovice
(judge: Magdalena Musial, Poland)
Ashley Princess Pearl Moravia - champion cl. - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOS - CRUFTS 2017 qualification
Beitris Pearl Moravia - puppy cl. - VP1



24.9.2016 National dog show Brno
(judge: MVDr. František Šimek)
Ashley Princess Pearl Moravia - champion cl. - Exc.2
Beitris Pearl Moravia - puppy cl. - VP2/3
Blaire Pearl Moravia - puppy cl. - P3/3

Blaire and Beitris


9.8.2016 - Litter "B" celebrates half year of age
My sweethearts, we wish you together with mum Ashley all the best and we send you kisses. Make your owners only happy. Bryson Zir, Brandeles, Brodey, Broderic, Blaire, Bronnen and my sweetie Beitris.

6.8.2016 - Litter A elebrates their 4th birthday
Happy birthday to our babies from litter "A". We wish you all the best, good luck and be happy! Archie, Asthon, Atrei, Abbey, Aileen, Aimee, Allison, Angel, Angie, Annie and my beloved Ashley, to which I thank for being as she is and for all she is giving me. Also greetings to Aaron, who went over the rainbow bridge mroe than one year ago.

18.6.2016 - IDS Intercanis - Brno
(Judge: Burski Wojciech, Poland)
Brandeles Pearl Moravia - baby cl. - VP1/2
Beitris Pearl Moravia - baby cl. - VP1/2
Blaire Pearl Moravia - baby cl. - VP2/2
Ashley Princess Pearl Moravia – champ. cl. - Exc.2/2, res.CAC

This show was very special for us as our babies from litter "B" strated their show career. Three of them took a part at the show and all did well. They shown themselfes very well and got nice critiques, where the judge appreciated their heads. Many thanks to their owners for their care and for their entries at the show and managing it so well.

22.5.2016 - Club shows for pointing dogs - Dunajská Lužná, Slovakia
(Judge: Ljubičić Neven, HR)
Ashley Princess Pearl Moravia - champion cl. - Exc.1, CAC, Club winner, BOS
Archie Princ Pearl Moravia - working cl. - VG
Initially I planed to come to this show to support Archie, who was entered. In the end I couldn't resist and entered Ashley before the last closing deadline. Again thanks to Jitka for showing Ashley and Olinka for her company.

7.5.2016 - Club show MSKAO Slavkov u Brna
Ashley Princess Pearl Moravia - Exc.1/8 CAC, CLUB WINNER, BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX
Archie Princ Pearl Moravia - Exc.5/5 (with an amazing critique)
On Friday, when we prepared Ashley for club show together with my friend Marcela, I said to myself it would be just fine if Ashley, 3 months after giving birth, got excellent merit from Maureen Justice (UK). And it would be a miracle if she managed to repeat her highlight and got rCAC, as she did last two years. Unbelieveble happened and Ashley together with Jitka won her class and Ashley also became best bitch. Ashley was given CAC, Club winner and BOS. I accept all the titles with honour and humility because, though Ashley is the best for me, I would choose a another female, that I liked very much.
I am still over the moon from the experience as I have never dreamed to have Club winner title at home. Dream became reality.
Many thanks to organizers of the show, it was very well done. Also to the judge, who evaluated Ashley so high. The biggest thanks belongs to Jitka Svobodova (professional dog handler), who does miracles with Ashley. I wonder how Ashley changes and presents herself witch such a grace when she is handled by Jitka. I am moved by their eye contact (even with candies). She is never watching me this way.
Also thank you to all our fans, who wished us good luck and enjoyed the happines with us. Also thank you for your company and wonderful day and I am looking forward to the next event. Big thank you also belong to my family, who was with us.
Must not forget my big love. Ashley, thank you for being as you are. You are my sweetheart.

23.4.2016 - All puppies from litter B are i their new homes.
We wish happy life to our babies in their new homes.

10.4. 2016 - First of the girls went to her new home
Destiny is unpredictable. On Friday booking for Blaire was canceled and today she left our home with her new family. She will live nearby in Chropyně u Kroměříže and will have a little buddy Honzík and also company of two cockerspaniel ladies. We wish you happy life, our little girl, bring only happines to your owners. Have a good time.

9.4.2016 Due to cancelled reservation of ne of the girls, Blaire is again available.
She is ready to go to her new home.

3.4.2016 - 6th - 7th week of our babies
Next twoo weeks passed. Babies grown up, they tear up and destroy everything ;) They are very curious and love to cuddle and they also know how to ask for it. We had a lot of visits last two weeks, for which I am very grateful. Extra cuddling hand is welcome always, especially in case they don't mind a bit of biting as well.

28.4.2016 we were again at the clinic and puppies were vaccinated and got tattoo in their ears (it is really in nowadays). I have to say they were all very brave and our vet Mr. Pavel Čejka was very patient. It is a bit tricky to vaccinate and give a tattoo to a puppy when six other are hanging on your trousers :D :D
Also our last avilable boy found new home and all puppies are booked already ;)
But most of all I am happy that six of our seven puppies will bude hopefully used for hunting training and practice.

Many thanks for photos to Jana Grygarova.

15.3.2016 - 5th week of the seven warriors
We had a lot of visits by future owners this week. Of course our little devils made a show and proved how their sharp teeth are growing. We also let them outside, when the sun was shining to let them explore the world outside. But the weather is constantly crossing our plans. It is raining and freezing wind is blowing. So we still postpone their moving to outdoor kennel and we hope we will be able to do so during the weekend.

8.3.2016 - Our pups are 4 weeks
This week was very sad for us. Our lovely Bonibelle unfortunately paid for her curiosity and had an accident. Even though effrods of vets at the clinic she lost her batter for life 9th of March.
Sleep peacefully, our littlle girl, you will be in our hearts forever.
Many thanks to all, who supported us during these hard days.


The rest of the puppies were dewormed for the second time. Their weights are from 2,05 to 2,35 kg. They are now real blackguards and start to reveal the world. We already started with extra feeding even though mum Ashley has a lot of milk and takes very good care.

1.3. - 3 weeks
Another week of life of our babies is behind us. They grow up into angels with little devils inside as well. The are very social and love to cuddle and play. They are very clever and all of them learnt to pee and poo beside on a diaper. Also first teeth are growing fast so playing is already sometimes a bit painful.
Last boy is available for sale.

23.2.16 - Puppies are 14 days old
We are bringing you news about our litter B. 14 days ran fast and our puppies got their first deworming treatment. They are doing great, mum Ashley has a lot of milk and all eight babies are growing well. All puppies have their eyes open and first tries for games, barking, growling and biting began.
Also thier legs are stronger and some of them already manage to do whelping box cruise on four feet. We also checked their weight, which is now 1100 - 1400 g. We were told by our vet is very nice and ballanced litter.

All girls are booked and two boys are still available
In case you are interested in a puppy girl, contact kennel Manon Lescaut, where wonderful puppy girls are stil available.

All photos of puppies:

Beitris, Blaire, Bonnibell, Bronnen - 14 days

Brandeles, Broderic, Brodey, Bryson Zir - 14 days

14.2.2016 – Our puppies were given names
Today we made the final decision with Olinka (owner of the sire Zir) about names for our puppies. They all are doing well, gaining weight and mother Ashley is doing her best care. Sometimes it seems she is nursing them non-stop. She is amazing mother.
I would also like to thank to Zir's owner - Olga Vránová, who came to our place at 2 AM to watch and help with delivering the puppies. We are really glad that she and Zir are part of our family.
Names of our pups and their meaning can be found in „Puppies

9.2.2016 - gordon setter litter B was born
Today Ashley gave birth to 8 puppies - four amazing boys and four wonderful girls. Delivery itself went smoothly and within 5 hours it was done. All babies are doing fine and mum is taking a good care.

Many thanks to all who crossed their fingers for us and thought about us ;)

Time of birth and weight:
1. Mr.Blue - 6:40, 429 g
2. Ms.Pink - 6:53, 410 g
3. Ms.Red - 7:23, 380 g
4. Ms.Orange - 7:31, 357 g
5. Mr.Green - 8:42, 373 g
6. Ms.Purple - 9:46, 402 g
7. Mr.Black - 10:46, 411 g
8. Mr.Grey - 11:24, 335 g

All photos from the first day HERE.

28.1.2016 - Today is 50th day pregnancy of our Ashley.
Mother to be is doing well, she is still active and became very rounded during the last three days so we are preparing ourselfs for a big litter. Ashley is getting used to her whelping box with her help of mum Cindy, who enjoys it as well. Tomorrow we are having last vet check and herpes virus vaccination. Also we will found out how much weight Ashley took on. After that we will be waiting for The day D. We enclose photos from Ashley's 40th and 50 th day os pregnancy and from whelping box. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

5.1.2016 - We are happy to announce that Ashley and Zir are expecting puppies!
We are thrilled and looking forward to litter „B“. More infor about the litter in „Puppies

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